Support the Sans-Papiers!! On Saturday 17 October 2020

Demand #PapersForAll

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Immigrants without papers – the Sans-Papiers – have marched across France since 19 September and are arriving in Paris Saturday to meet President Macron at l’Élysée, his official residence.

They are demanding Papers for AllClose down detention Centres and Housing for All. Sans-Papiers collectives, 280 organisations including national unions and city councils have supported their movement in France, and so have numerous organisations in Europe and beyond.

Outrageously, President Macron has refused to meet a Sans-Papiers delegation or even answer their requests, the police have so far forbidden them to reach l’Élysée.

It is critical to support them.  Like millions of other immigrants, they demand the same rights, entitlements, and resources as everyone else. People have the right to reclaim the wealth that was stolen during slavery, colonialism and right up to the present day – wealth that has enriched corporations, governments, institutions and the elite.

The All African Women’s Group and Global Women Against Deportations are sending a message of support. Please circulate on social media and send your support with hashtags and handles:

#PapersForAll  #RegularizacionYa



@EmmanuelMacron   @Msolidarites

While Sans-Papiers have been keeping society going during the pandemic, as carers, health workers, cleaners, agricultural workers, food deliverers and more, they have not been financially supported. Women Sans-Papiers pay an even higher price, doing more caring and survival work, facing more violence in the home and outside, and doing justice work protecting loved ones from racist violence and immigration controls.

The Sans-Papiers movement has a fantastic tradition of organising that we can learn from – more here including an historic video La Ballade des Sans-Papiers (1996) documenting their church occupation and hunger strikes led by African women. When they win, we’re all stronger.

For more information on the Sans-Papiers:

Marche des solidarités  and on Facebook Marche des Solidarités 

For contact:   @Msolidarites

Text by Global Women Against Deportations and Payday.

Regularization of Sans-Papiers, Close down detention centres, Housing for all

From all cities, from all migrants shelters, from all neighbourhoods

We are marching to Elysée!

Act 1: On May 30, thousands of Sans-Papiers and supporters defied the ban on demonstrations in Paris and several other cities.

In the days and weeks that followed tens of thousands of people demonstrated against racism and police violence.

Act 2: On June 20, tens of thousands of Sans-Papiers and supporters demonstrated in Paris, Marseille, Lyon, Lille, Rennes, Montpellier, Strasbourg and in many other cities.

But Macron had nothing to say for ‘essential workers’, nothing to say for the Sans-Papiers, exploited in the worst conditions or losing their jobs without financial support, held in detention centre, living on the street or in precarious and unhealthy accommodation. Nothing to say for young isolated migrants. Nothing to say against racism, nothing to say for the victims of police violence.

We say that a society which refuses equal rights because of nationality, origin, colour of skin will be more and more plagued by racism and state violence.

We say that a society that accepts unequal rights, overexploitation, repression, detention, deportation of Sans-Papiers because of the crisis, will be disarmed in dealing with all social attacks.

So we are organizing Act 3 of the Sans-Papiers.

In September, Sans-Papiers and supporters will leave from Marseille, Rennes, Toulouse, Lille, Strasbourg, Montpellier, Bayonne, Grenoble, Le Havre… from all our districts, from all our municipalities and will cross the country.

These marches will converge on October 17 in Paris to go to the Elysée, siege of government.

Because this is about freedom and solidarity, we will demonstrate on October 17 to pay tribute to all victims of colonialism, racism and police violence, to pay tribute to all victims of anti-immigrants policies and racial profiling.

Because this is plainly a question of equality, we will demonstrate to finally impose the regularization of all undocumented immigrants, the closure of detention centres and housing for all.

Source Marche des solidarités

12 August 2020

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Many videos on the Facebook page de Marche des solidarités

President Macron: The Sans-Papiers want a response (1.49 min, English subs)

All African Women’s Group message of support

March with the Sans-Papiers (1.12 min, English subs)

Open letter to President Macron (3.51 min, English subs)

La Ballade des Sans-Papiers (88 min, English subs)


March in Dijon


On 17 October Support the Sans-Papiers By Global Women Against Deportation and Payday (UK)

Sans-Papiers march across France to demand #PapersForAll By Global Women Against Deportation and Payday (UK)


Regularización de Sans-Papiers, Cierre de centros de detención, Vivienda para todos

De todas las ciudades, de todos los refugios para migrantes, de todos los barrios

¡Marchamos hacia el Elíseo!

Acto 1: El 30 de mayo, miles de Sans-Papiers y simpatizantes desafiaron la prohibición de manifestaciones en París y varias otras ciudades.

En los días y semanas que siguieron, decenas de miles de personas se manifestaron contra el racismo y la violencia policial.

Acto 2: El 20 de junio, decenas de miles de Sans-Papiers y simpatizantes se manifestaron en París, Marsella, Lyon, Lille, Rennes, Montpellier, Estrasburgo y en muchas otras ciudades.

Pero Macron no tenía nada que decir a favor de los “trabajadores esenciales”, nada que decir de los Sans-Papiers, explotados en las peores condiciones o perdiendo sus trabajos sin apoyo económico, recluidos en un centro de detención, viviendo en la calle o en un alojamiento precario e insalubre. Nada que decir sobre los jóvenes migrantes aislados. Nada que decir contra el racismo, nada que decir a favor de las víctimas de la violencia policial.

Denunciamos que una sociedad que rechaza la igualdad de derechos por nacionalidad, origen, color de piel estará cada vez más plagada de racismo y violencia estatal.

Denunciamos que una sociedad que acepta derechos desiguales, sobreexplotación, represión, detención, deportación de Sans-Papiers a causa de la crisis, se verá desarmada frente a todos los ataques sociales.

Así que estamos organizando el tercer acto de los Sans-Papiers.

En septiembre, Sans-Papiers y simpatizantes saldrán de Marsella, Rennes, Toulouse, Lille, Estrasburgo, Montpellier, Bayona, Grenoble, Le Havre… de todos nuestros distritos, de todos nuestros municipios y atravesarán el país.

Estas marchas convergerán el 17 de octubre en París para dirigirse al Elíseo, sitio del gobierno.

Porque se trata de libertad y solidaridad, el 17 de octubre nos manifestaremos para rendir homenaje a todas las víctimas del colonialismo, el racismo y la violencia policial, para rendir homenaje a todas las víctimas de las políticas antiinmigrantes y la discriminación racial.

Porque esta es claramente una cuestión de igualdad, nos manifestaremos para imponer finalmente la regularización de todos los inmigrantes indocumentados, el cierre de los centros de detención y la vivienda para todos.

Fuente Marche des solidarités

12 de agosto de2020

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Many videos on the Facebook page de Marche des solidarités

Presidente Macron: Los Sans-Papiers quieren a repuesta (1.49 min, English subs)

Mensaje de apoyo All African Women’s Group

Marcha con los Sans-Papiers (1.12 min, English subs)

Carta abierta a presidente Macron (3.51 min subs Espanol)

La Ballade des Sans-Papiers (88 min, English subs)


March in Dijon

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